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4 speakers and a corner sofa

Guest Sweden

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Guest Sweden

Hi all,

does anyone have experience in the best placement of 4 floor-standing speakers when one has a corner sofa?

I have a pair of 9LSI and 91's and I don't know how to best place the 91's. I will of course try around, but it would be interesting to hear if anyone else already has some experiences. For example, the best direction of the 91's if put in front of the sofa directed towards it?

The amp is a 2 channel DENON PMA2000R. I don't have any info about the room since I haven't moved yet, but the livingrooms here in Sweden are usually 5 * 6 meters. The sofa is quite big and high so I guess that speakerstands are out of the question.

Right now, I use my pair of AR6 as second pair and the 91's is in my sons room.



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