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I am looking for scans of the manuals for the DIY products offered by ACE. As one of my retirement projects I am putting together a library of schematics and other information of audio gear from the past. This will go on line as a on line resource of my own offering or if the Classic Speaker Pages internet gate keepers see fit to create a additional library / archive I will upload there. I know there are a lot of such collections on line. But I have a few that are tough to find. I am also open to sending files if anyone needs anything. Majority of my collection are amplifier, preamp and processor related. Oh yes. I have schematics on the ACE Zero Distortion preamp, a non kit preamp (model 3000 maybe?) and the 4000 sub sonic filter.  I had a copy of the model 5000 subwoofer crossover but it escapes me at the moment. THanks.


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