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Help me please with AR speaker sheet


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Hi folks

I've wasted many hours trying to scan and download to this site the AR speaker refinishing sheet.

Last week I downloaded the headphone circuit, bias mods, and AR Tuner sheets without a hitch.

I have done everything by default again in my scanning.

I saved it on Arsenal, first as a JPG and then as TXT file and went to do a post on this site.

So far everything seems to be ok.

I then saved it, went back in and opened it up to view, as you would do.

It is very large typeface on the screen as it's loading and you can see the upper left corner of sheet.

Then it stabilizes at the left of the screen, scrunched and un-readable.

I cleaned my glasses and it still appears scrunched, glasses ok.

So far it seems to be normal from any of my previous visits.

I will comment, when, I say it appears normal, I can even see that the year of printing at the bottom of the sheet is on screen as well.

The garbled view seems to be the entire sheet.

Now you mouse down to the lower right, to the box with 4 arrows ( sorry, I really don't know what this is called ) and click on perhaps the upper left arrow.

You now see large readable type face of the upper left portion of the page.

Ok so far.

I don't seem to have a problem with this, thus far.

You can scroll up and down the entire page.

You can also see the printing date at the bottom.

Now the problem begins and has been the ongoing problem.

Now mouse to the upper left to the save to disk symbol.

Click and save.

Ok still no problem, I've gone back to my computer and checked the file and also printed out the sheet.

Now mouse click on the print symbol, you have a printout of the upper half of the page and it's cutoff on the right side.

Or do I need new glasses.

The type size is also considerably larger than the original.

Somehow in the download the type increases in size pushing data off the right side of the sheet.

I haven't figured how to print it in Landscape yet but this has not been needed before.

Coincidently, I first attempted to do this Sunday evening and I was unable to load Arsenal, as it appeared to be down.

Put your woofers and tweeters aside please and see if one of you has a suggestion or two.

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