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Electrovoice Interface C (series I)


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I acquired these with a lot of 16 speakers.  Finally got around to them.  One woofer metered ok but was very noisy.  Turned out to be a cracked spider.  Repaired that, re-foamed the drivers, and lit them up.  Oh my!  Was not expecting to be impressed, but these are fantastic speakers!  I cleaned up the cabinets, and other than a bad water stain on top of one they are starting to look respectable!  Recovered the grills and have been enjoying them for a week or so.  

Wondering if anyone is familiar with these.  There are 3 caps and I can read the values on two of them but the third was glued on the writing in both crossovers.  The writing came off with the glue.  Hoping someone can tell me what the cap values are.  

If you get a chance to pick up a set of these, don't hesitate.  They are something special.  



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