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3m Mincom A2000 any information?


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These have been sitting around for a while because they needed midrange pots.  Finally got around to ordering 10 ohm pots.  Just gotta modify the shafts so it will accept the original knobs.  
3m Mincom A2000.
Can find hardly any info was told by one gentleman that these were never mass produced and only included with a Mincom studio as near field monitors.  Not sure if that's true or not but they are certainly well built and unique drivers for sure.  He also said that everything including drivers were made by 3m.  Mincom had the contract for NASA back in the day during the cold war, so nothing could be contracted or bought out.  
They don't go too loud but they sound great!  Very good bass and the mids and highs sparkle!  And you can dial these in with 3 pots!  
Super cool!



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