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DQ-12 angle of top baffle


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I’ve just restored a pair of dq-12s I found at a goodwill shop for $79.  All original parts, I simply had to solder some loose wires, clean an inch of dust, and refoam the woofers. They sound astonishing, I’m thrilled.

The midrange and tweeter speakers are embedded in an “ironing board” assembly (baffle?). My question is, at what vertical angle should these baffle assemblies be inclined?

Currently, they do not match each other. One of them is tilted back about 4 degrees from vertical, and the other is tilted back about 9 degrees.  The tilt back from vertical, and the different tilt angles between them, is clearly visible from the side.

They are both mounted in the original factory cabinet holes. There are no signs of damage to the heavy metal mounting brackets. So I’m wondering if these angles are supposed to be different?  Or, should I adjust them to same angle? Should they both be vertical?

Attached photo shows examples of the assemblies to which I’m referring.  The gentleman who sent me these photos said I should adjust both “ironing boards” to be vertical, as he is demonstrating.

I’m very grateful for any additional info.

Thank you!



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