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AR-3st or AR-3t for AR-1

Guest David Rawson

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Guest David Rawson

I haven't been messing with it much lately since the weather's been so nice. But now that fall is on the horizon, I think of indoor projects.

Last spring, I had a series of questions regarding my AR-1 speakers that I inherited from my grandparents. My goal was to make them produce the best sound possible.

There was a suggestion to add on "an AR-3 super tweeter (AR-3st), or the AR-3 midrange and super tweeter combination (AR-3t) that is made-to-order for the old AR-1."

Since my electrostatic tweeters (Realistic) seem to be defective, I may want to find the AR-3st or AR-3t.

Do they still exist? What kind of price would they go for? Any ideas where to look other than ebay?


D. Rawson

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