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AR-LST measurements

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No anechoic response measurement was reported. 
Risposta in camera d'ascolto rilevata con "rumore rosa" attraverso filtri a terzi d'ottava = Room Response measured with pink noise through 1/3 Octave filters (switch position: 2)
Diagrammi polari = Polar Responses (note that they are not so regular as 3a's. Unfortunately 4 tweeters and 4 midranges cause a lot of constructive and destructive interferences. In other words, waves with the same frequency emitted by different drivers combine and add together or cancel depending on their phase at the point where they combine).
Curva d'impedenza = Impedance at two different switch positions (2 and 6)
Risposta ai transitori = Tone Bursts 

AR LST.jpg

To get the best resolution of the image, click on it. With some browsers it is necessary to click on the image once again.

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