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AR-3a improved measurements

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Risposta in frequenza in camera anecoica = Anechoic Response 
Risposta in camera d'ascolto rilevata con "rumore rosa" attraverso filtri a terzi d'ottava = Room Response measured with pink noise through 1/3 Octave filters 
Diagrammi polari = Polar Responses 
Curva d'impedenza = Impedance 
Risposta ai transitori = Tone Bursts 

Distorsione = Distortion  

AR_3a improved.jpg


DISTORSIONE ARMONICA = ARMONIC DISTORTION at 90 and 95 dB. The II and III armonic distortions are measured at 90 and 95 dB only at 500 Hz . At the other frequencies the real SPL depends on the frequency response of each loudspeaker. In other words,  for each loudspeaker,  the same input voltages (Vin) that were employed to get 90 an 95 dB at 500 Hz respectively were used to measure the distortion for all the other frequencies tested.

The tables show the III and II armonic distortion for all the loudspeakers tested in that issue of the magazine. 
Numbers out of parenthesis are III armonic distortion. 
Numbers in parenthesis are II armonic distortion. 
Vin= Voltages employed to obtain 90 and 95 dB at 500 Hz respectively.  


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