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audioanalyst the real deal vp is my buddy (ret)

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my name is kevinvalentino@sbcglobal.net I know everything about audioanalyst speakers have their original designs, some  parts, construction info, etc. VP retired is one of my best friends ! Contrary to what I have seen on the net original factory was in Bethlehem ct (design), manufacturing in brookfield with A100 3 way and then to eagle lock building (Terryville) all in ct. Any questions? I have all the answers! still playing a pair of M2 and M6 also have the ANTHEM ARRAY DETAILS! a44, a76xl m4, m5, m6, m8 remember it all! contact me at your leisure.

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Hi Kev would you be kind enough to share the dimensions, specs of speakers, and crossover schematic for the A100x. I am trying to revive my old ones. Thanks in advance.







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