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Support needed identifying vintage speakers

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Dear members, 

For many years I have been in the owner of two speakers. Now in need of a new amplifier, I decided to dig in to the origin of them, to understand how they might influence my choice of a new amplifier. Spent lots of time on Google but couldn't find them anywhere. Attached two pictures of the logo and the specs.

I found it hard to determine the name in the logo. My best guess at this point is that it says "Rams", which might refer to Dieter Rams, who as far as could find, together with Peter Hartwein, developed speakers for Braun? I could fin a speaker set called LS 120 with their name, but no 140.

The sound of the speakers has always been good, so I am not keen on replacing them. But I would like to know more about them. 

Anyway, all information is welcome, for which I thank you very much! 




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To me, the logo reads "Ramo".  You are right about there not being much info out there.  I did see a pair of Ramo 60's (by Danish Sound) for sale.

My best guess is that they are a house brand from a store in Denmark.  Other possibilities are they are from a small company that didn't make many speakers or that they are Danish white van speakers (much less likely).

You might have better luck if you post your question in the speaker forum on the audiokarma.org website.  There are many there that are extremely good at identifying speakers. 

List the speaker dimensions and weight.  Post pictures of the drivers (in addition to the logos).  Better yet, open up the speakers and find driver part numbers and take pictures of the back of the drivers and crossovers.  You will get more accurate answers/opinions if you provide more details about the speaker.

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