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TEAC LS-350 speakers

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Spotted these oddballs in local Ye Olde Junque Shoppe recently - - it is very unusual to find a speaker model by Teac that has any appeal to me but these are mighty curious. Model number is LS-350, they are 8-ohm three-ways. Big, heavy beasts, and good looking to boot! I presume they are acoustic suspension, and from what little I am able to detect, the build quality is impressive - - these side panels are 7/8" or 1" plywood, the grilles are nicely detailed, and the veneer is good. Am just posting here for posterity, but any information, thoughts or comments are always appreciated.

Teac LS-350 v1.jpg

Teac LS-350 v2.jpg

Teac LS-350 v3.jpg

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