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  1. cool thx for the info i want o contact him ! i am also a writer and would like to do a story about Allison speakers ! that name is pretty common actually ! do you have any other info that might be helpfull in finding him ? i will be professional and polite!
  2. yes i was told that story and could not confirm it they did respond and said " they would only make them for Allison " which DOES kind of confirm the story ! who owns the rights ? where are the plans, drawings, molds, equipment
  3. Great well how do you do that ? ( world wide e bay search ! ) and if you hear of some i sure would appreciate you letting me know ! aanoyingly some guy bragged he has all the drivers and has been looking for some speakers for 10 years ! which is really WEIRD as surely he could have found some to buy i have seen several and i'm not looking that hard! damn hoarders! have run in to this w/ rare auto parts too! the hoarders and their stash ? they often DIE and their hoarded parts are inevitably sold for pennies on the $ or even tossed away ! ( My family KNOWS what to do w/ all my saved parts and i have their estimated worth labled on everyone of them ! LOL ) whats stupid is there IS a market for replacement speakers and there WOULD be a market for reproduction speakers ( if offered at reasonable prices ) and some bright chap COULD make a new and improved Allison type speaker design ! ( there HAVE been improvements advances in speakers ) as I was advised by Danny @ GR research who chided me for wanting to put different drivers in my Allison boxes as being too difficult to pull off and sound good ! I have asked MANY speaker kit makers to makea kit w/ the push-pull woofers at least as it DOES have advantages we could ALL benefit from ! all those 2 woofer designs are 10 Db or so full of distortion ! Allison DID have a better idea ! well i have not seen ANYONE use the Allison push-pull w/ their woofers! ( and they should ! ) as we can see failure to do so DOES cause about 10 DB of distortion ! and your twin woofers must be out of phase ? their design for the mids and tweeters is really good too but was radical then and is STILL radical ! and no one makes speakers like that anymore ! re the push pull design of the woofers :"The Push-Pull Design used in the IC10 Speakers is used to reduce second harmonic distortion. The results are typically a 10dB reduction of distortion in the second harmonic. Allison Made use of this technique in a few other designs like the IC20, and the AL series. "
  4. allison Acoustic speakers Inbox jack Dale <jackdale2017@gmail.com> 6:03 AM (16 hours ago) to info, neil hi do you have, did you make Allison speakers? i need some ! for a AL 130 thx Jack Dale Jerry McNutt <Jerry.McNutt@eminence.com> 6:46 AM (15 hours ago) to me Hello Jack, those were made and sold to Allison and only to them. We do not sell any OEM drivers to consumers. Try Parts Express for suitable replacements. Thanks, mcJ jack Dale 10:14 PM (2 minutes ago) to Jerry dear mr Jerry Mc Nutt < THX WELL AS ALLISON IS NOW ( FOR SOME TIME ) out OF BUSINESS! and all the principals LONG dead I WOULD THINK YOU WOULD like TO MAKE SOME $ ??? you should be released fr any legal responsibility to NOT make them ! or to supply them to only Allison who does NOT exist ! has not for 20+ years! there is a HUGE community of Allison fans if you are NOT aware ! they are trying all over the world to get some of these speakers made !they could do a group buy or you could wholesale them to someone! why not parts express then ? ( if you insist ! ) outmoded silly business models are going out the window in case you have not noticed ! there is a virtual CULT-like following of these speakers ( well a nice cult ! ) and a high demand ! What do we have to do to get you to make these speakers for SOMEONE ! Kind regards, Jack , Neil Dale
  5. need some of the hoarders to cough up some speakers! do it NOW ! ( well, that escalated quickly ! ! as they say ) LOL !
  6. yes well it seems i bought them, noone else did ! only noticed later they had been modded w/ more material on the face "baffle " ? hopefully NOT a botch job ! now need someone to get them, make a simple crate of 1/4 ' ply and 2X4 's wrap them in bubbble wrap and ship them to me via greyhound bus freighter ( it is cheapest way! ) know anyone near Hull Massechusetts ? i bought a old SAAB dealer sign some years ago and shipped that way ! just found a handyman on craigs list in the area paid him . May have to do that again !
  7. would you sell the woofers? tweeters are they for the AL 130 ?
  8. I need the OEM speaker specs so I can compare them to others! so far this driver seems interesting, as Allison midrange drivers are NLA what do you think about substituting a BMR ( balanced mode radiator ) as midrange? I read : "You can position them anywhere in the room Another benefit of BMR technology includes near-180 degree sound dispersion. This makes it much easier to fill a room with sound wherever you place them whilst also avoiding creating ‘sweet-spots – areas where sound quality is at its highest. Additionally, the BMR radiates sound uniformly with the same dispersion characteristics in both the horizontal and the vertical plane. I n short, because BMR speakers aren’t fussy about placement, they can be positioned almost anywhere in the room and still sound great." this seems to be consistent w/ the Allison philosophy? this BMR mid is 3" would use as ONLY a mid range
  9. WOWO ! all of sudden,TODAY ! well it seems I now own a pair of Allison acoustics AL130 speakers ! ( Well, sort of ) ! WOWO ! I bought these fr e bay for $50 ! LOL they are just the cabinets and grills! it would be really difficult to find all the original speakers, drivers as NOS or even good usable condition ! Has anyone been hoarding ALL the speakers I will need ? Who made the original Allison speakers? Allison ? can anyone make new Allison speakers? I mean two nice cabinets and grills for $50 is a great deal eh ? shame to waste them ! were the original convex tweeters and mids really such a great thing ? better than any other ? Still better ? I get a kick out of re-doing cars and M/c's to make them faster and better than they were originally ! I guess i could do the same w/ speakers ! Danny of GR audio says there have been huge advances in speaker tech and i could have" better " speakers . should i put modern , newer , different speakers in the boxes ? (looks like i have NO choice ! ) kind of make a " Resto mod "Allison acoustic speaker ? would they NOT sound as good as the originals ? or would they sound better ? I realise they would sound different
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