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  1. Nevermind..... I'm pretty sure it would change my crossover point. I'll try to move these tweeters on to someone who can use them. 😞
  2. Hello, I have a green horn question for the Dynaco experts here. I bought a pair of Dynaco A25XL speakers. The tweeters were toast. I went to the online auction site and found a guy selling a pair of Seas H-086 tweeters. But I made a mistake me thinks. When I received the tweeters I see on the label that they are in fact Seas H-086 tweeters but they are 4 oms. Not the "4/8 ohm" tweeters. After some research I think they came out of a pair of B&O speakers of some kind. So my question is.... can I still use these in my A25XL's or am I stuck with a pair of tweeters that are useless to me now? I checked them on my multimeter and they are 3.5 and 3.8 ohms respectively. BTW, I have already replaced the caps with new Dayton Audio 8.1uf caps. Thanks so much. Cheers.
  3. So I finally got the 3002's finished up. I also cleaned and refilled the tweeter gap's (for lack of a better term) with new ferrofluid. The grill cloth on one of them was toast from what I thought to be dog urine, so I ordered some new cloth for the grills. Replacing the speaker surrounds went well. I used a 50hz sine wave to be sure the woofers were centered properly. I must say, these have better bass response that I thought they would have. They sound very good in my small listening space. I thought they came out nice. Anyway, here's a couple of pictures along with a pic of one of the speakers showing the rotted surrounds when I first got them.
  4. Recap of both 3002's are complete.
  5. JKent: Thanks so much for the information. I really appreciate the help and guidance. I'll be posting pictures when everything is said and done! 👍 Mike
  6. Lonny: The cabs look good. There are fine line scratches on the bottom of the cabs and few on the top. No cracks, no goughes, dents or cracks. I figure these are vinyl wrapped? Some of the scratches show up lighter than the vinyl itself and after I went over the cabs with pledge they kinda disappeared but a very small percentage showed back up. I'll go over them again. But when standing just a couple feet away you really can't see any of it so overall they seem to be pretty good. I knew one of the grill covers had (in pictures anyway) what appeared to be stained a bit, a light type of stain from the right center on down. I thought it was maybe sunstained but..... it smelled like strong dog urine. I washed it real good and most of the smell is gone but the stain is not. So, I guess I'll have to change out the cloth on them as well. Bummer...☚ī¸. I only paid $25.00 for them so I figure I'll still be ahead after everything is said and done. I did notice one thing however. After washing the one grill, after it dried it started the frame to start bending a little. I guess the fabric was shrinking. Maybe when I attach new fabric I won't try to get them real tight, just on even then after wet them down a little and let the fabric stretch itself tight? Not sure how to handle that. The woofers are cleaned up and ready for the new surrounds. While I'm doing everything should I go ahead and clean up the gap in the tweeters and add new ferrofluid? A lot to think about but I'm up for it! 😁 Mike
  7. Received the Advent 3002 speakers. Caps should be here in a couple of days. Here's a shot of the originals.
  8. Hi Lonny, Thanks so much for coming through for me! Cheers! 😁 Mike
  9. bassplayer

    Advent 3002

    Hello, I have a pair of decent looking Advent 3002 speakers on the way. I will need to replace the foam surrounds and while I'm at it I will replace the caps and I would like to have the new caps in hand when the speakers arrive. So, my question is: does anyone happen to know what cap values I will be needing for these 3002's? My surrounds are already on hand and once I get started I won't want to stop. A recap on these should be pretty straight forward. Any help with this information would be great appreciated..... Cheers! 🙂 Mike
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