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  1. Well, I currently have 3 pairs - T830 with original crossover, T930 series II, T1000. All 3 are wonderful speakers! I agree with tvdantv that the T930 has more bass than the T830 and T1000. In my room, the T930 sounds a bit boomy and I get more balanced bass with the T830s andT1000s, coupled with an SVS sub. Regarding the tweeters, I find the CFT3 a bit shy - not a problem if you have an old fashion treble control. The CFT5 is a bit more expressive.
  2. Hello Boston Acoustics fans. I a planning to use a combination of T830s series I, T930 Series II and T1000 Series I speakers plus modern SVS sub to build a multi-purpose 2.1 / 5.1 system. My plan is to use one T830 as the center speaker because it is the only one that fits under my screen. I would like your advice on whether to use use the T930 series II or T1000 series I for the front position to get achieve the best soundstage in 2.1 mode and the best blending with the center in 5.1 mode. Any other advice is welcome. Thanks!
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