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  1. Hello Buzuddha I recently bought in a pawn shop a pair of DQ 10.the drivers were wery "tired" rubber suspention thorn apart end dust contamination.listening to them for 3-4 fours i decided to sent all the drivers to a specialized shop for "renovation". But problems were not near to be solved...after repositioned and solderd the speackers were still far form being impressiv...so i think i'll need to rebuild the crossovers. As i am living in France for some time now..i was not able to find all the components on your list(or some not the same specification). Could you please indicate me your suplyer for the in usa,maybe i'll could buy all your list..that you have so generously shered(even the parts numbers) I have to mention that i am not working at all in the electronic field but seeing the week documented schematisc and photos with your work in progres,having basics trainig in electronics(phisics) aquired in the college 25 years ago...i would like to try building them myself as a weeckend hobby project. Please shere with us the link to yours suplyers site. Excuse my orthographic falts..i am not a nattive english spoker. Thanks Michael
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