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  1. Two vintage AR-2ax speakers looking for a good home. Bought new, used gently for many years. Moved twice with care. Never modified or messed with. Excellent sound. Some scratches and nicks on cabinets as befits their age but no serious damage. Serial numbers AX-17320 and AX-17896. Local p/u only Boston area $200 or best offer.
  2. First of all thanks to all who responded. Next, here are at least some answers to the questions asked: The serial numbers may be the most useful information. They are: AX-1730 and AX-17896. Dimensions: H x W x D=23.75" x 13.5" x 11.5" I've attached images of front and rear. They have two cutouts on the front, a top rectangular cutout with rounded corners, and a bottom circular cutout. From earlier comments I would deduce these are early AR-2ax speakers. If I'm looking to sell them, is there a site you would recommend? I'm in the Boston area and am not interested in shippin
  3. I have owned 2 AR speakers for at least 30 years. I have no recollection of where I bought them but I'm trying to identify them so I can sell them for a fair price. My problem is that the total information I have for them is on the speakers and it consists of: 1. A metal label on the bottom right of the grill that says AR Inc. with no reference to model. 2. A guarantee sheet that says they have a 5 year guarantee. It is signed by 2 inspectors, but no model number and no date. 3. An "identification" page that provides a serial number but again no model number. Other possibly
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