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  1. Hi Rick, Yes, I’ve downloded this manual and have been following it. It’s been very useful. Having a break tonight from restoring the speakers to carry on with the underpinning of my house. I know which I’d rather be doing!
  2. Hi Geoff, Thanks for the info. Yes, I mean the gasket between the driver and the baffle. Woofers have already been refoamed. I will try to get hold of some sealer for the speakers. Does this go between the baffle and the gasket, or between the gasket and the driver? My main area for concern at the moment is the muffled sound from the woofer. More investigation needed. I’ll try the battery trick tonight to see if I have wired the woofer out of phase. Thanks guys.
  3. Quick question... I see mention of a special sealer for the drivers. On my speakers, there is a gasket, which I guess was used in place of a sealer. Was this gasket used on AR-3A models? Or has somebody else put this in?
  4. I found the problem with why the midrange wasn’t working. The wire from the mid pot to the inductor coil has an insulation over it. I’d snipped off the wire from the pot when I was removing it, as it was a pain to de-solder, but obviously when I soldered it back on, there was only contact with the insulated part of the wire. So the sound from the midrange is now okay. However, the sound from the tweeter is quite low. But then again, I’m not sure how loud it should be. I still get slightly intermittent sound when I rotate the pots, so it’s probably for the best if I replace with l-pads. But possibly a new tweeter is needed. The most concerning issue is that with all the drivers hooked up and the cabinet sealed, the sound is muffled from the woofer. It sounds odd. I thought it could maybe be out of phase, but would I notice that when only playing through one speaker? As I mentioned earlier, the woofer does rub when I push on it (but doesn’t rub if pushed slightly off axis, suggesting bad foam job), so maybe the woofer is damaged? However, iirc, the measure resistance was okay. I will double check it tonight. If the resistance is okay, does that guarantee a working woofer? Thanks for any help.
  5. Thanks guys. I’ll post some pictures either tonight or tomorrow. I’ll definitely check to see if they are making contact, as visually they seemed okay after cleaning.
  6. Hi everyone. This is my first post here. A little bit of background on how I ended up here... I’m 32 years old and have been fascinated (obsessed) with hifi since a young age. I’ve had all manner of equipment over the years and have just started to venture into vintage gear. I restored a pair of AR4-xa speakers a couple of months back and was so impressed by the sound of them that I wanted to see what else AR did. This has led me to a pair of AR-3a in need of work. The pair I have were acquired from a guy who had refoamed the woofers. He said the sound was muffled on the speakers. I took a punt on them after doing a bit of research, and deduced that the pots were the problem. Upon getting the speakers to my house, the first thing I checked was the woofers for coil rub. One woofer was absolutely fine, but the other made that dreaded rubbing sound when pushing it in. I’m hoping this is just down to a bad refoam job, as when you push it slightly off axis, the coil rub is gone. So the plan here is to refoam this woofer. I then fired them up and low and behold, the mids and tweeters were making no sound at all. Upon messing about with pots, I managed to get sound out of the midrange, but not the tweeter. Both pots were obviously faulty, as you could twist them right the way around My next job was to attemp to clean the pots. I opened them up and they were obviously corroded. I cleaned them up with some wire wool and contact cleaner. They looked visually okay to me. Wired everything back up and played some music. I only had sound through the tweeter, and it was intermittent when rotating the pot. The mid made no sound at all (this was the other speaker to the one I had previously tested with the intermittent mid), but I didn’t test whether it worked before cleaning the pots. I then removed the drivers from the cabinet and tested them off of a low level signal from my amplifier. All drivers played okay. So either the pots are no good, or there is an issue with the crossover. O am either going to replace with L-pads or try and source the correct pots. How do the L-pads affect the sound compared to the pots? Also, another issue I have is that I stupidly snipped off the copper wire from the mid to the tags on the front wired terminal thing. I didn’t realise the wire was wrapped around the the tag, and was struggling to remove, so I just snipped it off. Problem now is the wire is too short to reach the terminal. What can I buy to reattach the wire to the tag? I guess it is some sort of copper braided wire? For clarity, I live in the UK and my pair are the standard AR-3A with the European cabinet. Thanks everyone!
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