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  1. Thanks Stimpy, I picked up the AR92 donors ... and are actually in good condition.. apart from foam surrounds and the spongey stuff around the tweeters (toasted) yes i will have to do a comparison.. my AR list is getting Big. (I think i have a Problem) AR2ax, AR3a, AR9, AR91, AR11, AR92, AR9LS .. (and a kerb find AR28)
  2. Thanks guys, will go get them ar92 that are local and use the 10" bass drivers from them. will update (with pics) once i go through the refoam process etc.. cheers!
  3. Hi Guys, Metal mark here in Perth.. Thought i better update the going on with my ar9ls .. there is a guy selling a beat up pair of ar92 speakers foam surrounds are shot.. but says they are working.. so from what i have read the 10" bass driver from the AR92 is the same unit as what is used in a ar9ls ? Cheers! Mark
  4. Hey Bruce, congrats for going through with getting the speakers refurbed and shipping them to the other side of the planet. To here in Perth. That's Dedication! I have a pair of the AR9LS (not as Pretty as yours) Mine need the 2 10" inner bass drivers replaced / repaired.. So they are not in operation as yet! Hope you are enjoying yours! Cheers (Mark From Perth)
  5. Thanks Guys, you all know alot about these old girls. Looks like i am going to chat with the guys at vintage-ar. and see if i can get some parts to get them going again.. the AR9LSi is a much better look... as the black baffle and printed graphics is not as nice as the timber veneer.. i will keep you posted.. now i got to get my AR11 out of storage and see what problems they have... LOL Cheers from Down under!
  6. Hi, and thanks for the replies.. yes i am way dowm under in the southwest corner of Australia.. Yes the previous guy played them with the foam surrounds perrished... making the voice coils rub till they died.. So I need them to get recoiled (something I can't do) and refoamed (something I can do) .. Was hoping that I could find a donor pair of AR (insert Model name here) that I can find and get my AR9LS back up and runnng.. Cheers from OZ...
  7. Hi Guys, I'm new here, long time AK member and that's how i got here. I have a pair of AR9LS that i bought of a guy that played them with the 10" Bass drivers foam surrounds where perished.. Now i have 2 dead 10" Bass drivers... Question is, What other AR Models used these 10" Bass drivers? as want to find a donor pair from another pair or AR's ..to fix my delema Thanks In Advance Cheers! MetalHead Mark
  8. Hi, i am new here... I have the 8080 ... nice... but the au919 ... much better.. go for it! I am sure you will be happy
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