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  1. I currently suffer from tinnitus; one of the worst possible affliction for an audiophile. To give them a good workout would leave my ears ringing more loudly for days. This is reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode about an avid book reader who survived a nuclear war, only to break his glasses while reaching for a book. Life can be so ironic and cruel.
  2. I am currently in Gilbert, AZ which is just outside of Phoenix.
  3. Hi, I am selling my AR-LST-2 that I inherited from my audiophile father in law. The ARs are in great condition, no rip, no tear. I am not sure if my current asking price is too high or too low. Can someone let me know a reasonable price for them? I have other high end stuff that I need to research like a pair of symmetry subwoofers (shown below), and a pair of tall, rectangular speakers that are as thin as a sheet of plywood (not show). Thanks in advance
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