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    Used to Work at Cizek

    Hi folks, Just checking in and getting caught up. Best K
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    Used to Work at Cizek

    Brian - thanks for posting the pics of the 8" 2-way. I assembled a lot of those in 1972. The missing cover was of brown or black, probably brown, burlap material stretched and glued over a fitted masonite frame. The backside of the frame had the velcro tabs as well. I believe that the front ridge of the box was solid dark 1/2"x1/2" (more or less) good wood that was glued over the flush particle board front and panel edges. Then we glued the matching veneer over those pieces and that covered the seam. Seamless wine bottles were employed to press the veneer. I think I have this right but others may recall other details. It was a tight box, great sound. What I don't recall is the tunable hi-freq control on the terminal board. That may have been a upgrade from what I worked on. I just don't recall that configuration. Best, K
  3. KFOM

    Used to Work at Cizek

    Kim You mentioned the Penguin. Thank you. I had forgotten that place. Good story and details. K
  4. KFOM

    Used to Work at Cizek

    I also worked for Roy and with Ronnie and some guys the summer of 72. Yes, this was on Highway 45 west of Bloomington in the old dairy building. I can confirm that the work and pay schedule was spotty. The product was good. We glued the walnut veneer to the particle board boxes and smoothed out the bubbles with wine bottles. I think I built some cross-overs, ran the saws and the routers some, and worked with Roy on the scope outputs in design or build phase. But I mostly did the final assembly - gluing and clamping the boxes, setting the cones, stretching and gluing fabric grill cloth, wiring and soldering and so forth. That summer we built a sound booth and hauled it up to McCormick place for a national CE show. It looked like a little log cabin in the midst of the neon and glitz in that gigantic hall. I remember building a pair a huge 3-way boxes each with a pair of 12" woofers, midrange pair and dome tweeter pair. That pair we placed in the IU school of music in a smallish performance room if I truly recall. We built a lot of big ported boxes and a lot of tight bookshelf units. I lost track of the product and the brand, but I've used some of the learned skills tinkering with my own stuff from time to time.
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