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  1. Hi Me and a friend own different pair of T830, T830 SerieII, T930 SerieII and T1030 T930 SerieII sound differently than the the other T models, hard to explain...
  2. Hello I found a pair of T1000 SeriesII few mounth ago at cheap price because they get flooded, all the botton of the enclosure are not good and i will need to construct a new enclosure, for now i remove all the speaker, i bring all 8'' to a speaker technician for a refoam job, and now i am at the point i need to remove the cross-over from the enclosure, how BA install it, glue? i don't really see screw, if it's glue, do you have a tip to remove it without broken anything Thanks for your help
  3. Hello, another update.... A lot of things change in the last 2 years, but i think i find a good set-up, a Denon PMA-1080R integrated amplifier instead of the previous Denon receiver i have since 1992, the AVR-810, the sound produced by the T1030 with the PMA-1080R are so amazing now, no more needs of subwoofer...
  4. Hello Fixed for less than 100$ canadian, the repair was 2 dust cap for the upper driver and 2 refoam job for the lower driver, and they sound great, really great... they are so small and they fill the room so much, really impressive... if i see one day a pair of M5 or M6 i will jump on them to try them and compare them to my BA T1030
  5. Hi David Tonight i remove the 4 drivers from the boxes and i will bring them next week to a local shop specialised in repair of drivers. i start a new discussion on M4 title about my refurbished AR M4 Project. Thanks for your help Stéphane
  6. Thank you for all the information you share. i am able to remove driver from the box, but to refoam or re-do a voice coil it's over my ability... and finding brand new original speaker seems impossible, too old... i will bring the driver to my local shop specialized on amplifier and speaker repair, here a link for picture of the shop https://lmoel.wordpress.com/photos-2/ as you will see, he have a lot of parts in stock, spider, voice coil and foam and he is used to repair a lot of brand of driver, including AR Part 2 of this message... Tonight i found some times to remove the driver from the boxes and taking picture The bass driver who sound weird have a crack on the foam, about quarter lenght of the circle, and when i push on the driver, i don't feel or hear friction between voicecoil and magnet, but when i shake it, i hear a friction noise..., i think something wrong in this driver and it will need more than just a refoam of the surround. Both foam surround feel sticky when you touch them. maybe a voicecoil on one driver but foam for sure on both... The mid driver on the same boxe have a torn dust cap, it's in rubber, the other one look perfect, i will ask him to change both of them. I will bring the 4 drivers to my local repair shop and check with him for a complete check-up of these driver, when i hear these small boxes when i buy them, they sound so great, with one broken driver, i can't imagine how they will sound after the repair, possibly less powerfull than my other tower, BA T1030, but they look like to fill the space of the room...
  7. Hi, thank you for your comments, I am north of the border, not easy to ship thing for repair across custom, for now i will check the differents options, if a brand new original driver is available, that's the easy way, if not, the old damaged driver will need to be repaired, in Montréal we have a shop where they are able to rebuilt completely a driver, voice coil, surround, with most of the time original parts, i bring him two 10 inch last year for a mission sub and he found in his inventory an original voice coil for that mission 10 inch, maybe for AR he still have original part to replace the broken voice coil. For the dust cap. it's look like torn rubber, i wiil try to take picture
  8. Hello From Montréal I just bought a pair of AR M4 with a used Denon sound system from 1990's era, and i will need to refurbished both speaker boxes , one box seems ok, but the other one, dust cap on the upper bass-mid have problem and the bottom speaker sound really weird, a kind of distorsion and friction noise. My questions are: Anyone on this site have info on the parts numbers of the speaker, or replacement parts availlable somewhere, on my side i will remove the speaker from the box and check with a local shop who repair speaker if he can do something with them... Thanks for your help on this little project
  9. Hello Post are never too long when it give information. I juste find a pair of M4 and i will need to to ''refurbished'' them, information like yours are always welcome Stéphane
  10. Hello, another little update... Finally the subs will stay original, i bring both original 10'' speaker to a speaker repair specialist and he repair them ( 1 voice coil change and 2 dustcap ) for little less than 2 new speaker, and i don't need to modify the port size... less work to do... I am still waiting for the repair of one of the amplifier, the technician wait for parts to fix it. With 1 sub working, i need less power in the T1030, with both sub working, i think it will be a good improvement... Same questions, in the futur, if i like to change the Mission for BostonAcoustics subwoofer, wich model are a good value?
  11. Hello, a little update... Few week ago, i find on Montréal Kijiji ad's a pair of Mission 700as subwoofer for 80$ canadian, for that price, before i can use them properly, they need a little bit of love, a kind of refurbish, adding renforcement pieces of woods inside each corner of the box, i need to change the 10" woofer on each box, i find a JBL 10" subwoofer (50$ canadian each) that will fit with the size of the 1,9 cubic feet box, not easy to find the good speaker for an existing box, most 10" on the market in 2016 are designed for 1 cubic feet box, i am lucky to find the JBL at that price, maybe a discontinued speaker still on shelf at the store where i find it, and for my box, it's a bass reflex, i just need to modify the port size and lenght, i discuss of that part of this project on a French site of Hi-Fi DIY loudspeaker, and i will bring the 2 amplifier to a technician to verify them to be sure everything will be in good order of work, i expect less of 300-350$ canadian for the complete project. in the futur, if i like to change the Mission for BostonAcoustics subwoofer, wich model are a good value?
  12. I would like to listen music like i am inside a rock concert, I will check for sub at the first step, if it's not enough... a second pair of T1030, but it's not for today, it will take a few month before i do a move...
  13. Hi, Since the last time i came here, i spend more time listening music and i think and feel the sound change since the first day i listen to them after the foam repair, sound better in the low end now, and few days ago, i decide to install the QSC1200 and it's sound so great, so powerfull, a real real real pleasure for my ears. But my questions are: Sometime i like listening music at really high level, something like you have in a night club or in a live rock show, with one pair of T1030 in my room, it's pretty close of what i'm looking for, or "earing for", do you think a second pair of T1030 will give me what i'm searching? Having two speaker side by side will change the sound i presently have with one only? Or adding 1 or 2 subwoofer will be more efficient? and wich model? don't need to be a 2016 model, i will try to find on classifieds ads. Thank you for your answers and suggestions. Stéphane
  14. a kind of "break-in", in french we said "rodage", thanks
  15. They are back home near since 2 week now, i don't have a lot of time to listen to them, but when i listen to them, i feel they sound a little bit different,less bass, maybe the time and using them and the suspension will be smoother and the bass will be more present...
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