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  1. Hmmm, talk of wrapping them in something has me thinking that veneer might be a good way to go. if I could find a large enough sheet, it would be fairly easy, especially since the M5s have rounded corners. Maybe something dark to keep with the original style of the speaker but still with a noticeable woodgrain. Only the bottom part obviously.
  2. Thanks everyone . Definitely some options to think about. time to get to work. Michigan Pat, I think I've seen photos of those m5s with the brown suede in some of my searches for info.
  3. I am restoring a pair of m5s and had a question about the paint. I bought these used and they are not in great cosmetic shape. I can't tell whether the bass cabinet part of the speaker has had a bad paint job by someone along the way or if it is just the original paint wearing off. The paint is sort of gummy and sticky and easily scrapes off with a fingernail. It is or was sort of a matte black, which I know the M5s were available in new. Also, there is a deep scratch that reveals a bottom layer that looks like white, which I know that these were available in white. I am thinking the best course would be to sand the cabinet with very low grit sandpaper to keep the gummy paint from gumming up the sandpaper. I am hesitant to put any kind of stripper that would involve moisture as I know these are MDF and moisture would make the MDF swell. The head units of the speakers are in really good shape and don't seem to have been painted either when they were new or recently. Does anyone have any insight or experience with this? thanks
  4. Regarding the air escaping from one chamber to the next- would that be where the MDF baffle meets the top or bottom of the speaker? Thanks for your help
  5. Awesome! Good to know the electronics are original. The reason I thought the baffles may have been glued is that I had read that some owners had problems with the baffle rattling a bit. Hopefully they aren't. There isn't any sign of glue so I may just need to get some real leverage to get them out of there. The triangular bracing in yours- I don't remember seeing those. Did you add those or are they original? I may have missed them. Where did you get your kit for the refoam? I have thought of adding another woofer and turning the speaker into an M6. Of course I'd need to find out how the M6 is configured. Probably won't, but just a thought. The speakers sound good even with the foam rotted woofers so I look forward to getting them back into shape. What are your powering yours with? Any other tips? I had listened to these speakers in 1993 and was really wowed by them. At the time I just couldn't afford them. So I sort of feel like I am righting a 25 yr wrong, lol. Thanks very much for your help.
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