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  1. Ahh. Yep. My mistake and after searching many images it should have been clear. Thank you for the quick response ra.ra
  2. So, I am in the middle of a AR 3a refurb but came into a mixed pair of AR 2ax/2a. If I successfully ID'd, one is a 2ax and the other is a 2a. The 2a has the dual cone mids and the 2ax has the single yellow-foam-caged mid. I successfully brought the 2ax back to life. Although I have done many of my own surround repairs, these Alnico woofers had clothand so had them done by Bill LeGall of MillerSound (highly recommended). Beautiful work. BTW, the "finished" repair has the mid that is mounted on a small removable plywood panel but the back labels are torn off where the model numbers would normally be located. S/N D 38357. The reason I believe it was originally a 2ax is that the grill frame does not have three holes like a 2a has, but only two (one rectangular and the other round). The 2a, or so I believe based on the dual cone mid and the three hole grill frame AND the label on the back (duh) needs more work. The mid complex is dead. Can't get anything out. And, I believe it might behoove me to upgrade that to a 2ax via the mid to get a "matching" pair. From my research, the AR 2ax midrange driver is the same driver used as a tweeter in the AR 4x. Is this correct? I ask because I also have a pair of 4x that need some love. Trying to confirm before making $100 purchases. Thanks for any/all assistance. Respectfully, Dana
  3. And, so now, I understand the need for the reduction in woofer output. In the room, the output is significant. For those that prefer such, then great. If not, it can overload the LF response. Thank you again, RoyC and others. I am going to complete a redo on one of the facia as it did not come out as well as desired. And now, I have a pair of AR-2/2a/2ax mix and have questions. But first, a search.
  4. Completed the profile for a 12 foot board of sap birch. mitered. due to irregularities stemming from the previous owner having chiseled the frame off of the cabinet, the miters are not perfect. here is a pic.
  5. Attached are measurements of each speaker - right only, pink noise - left only, pink noise - 6 inches from front baffle, sliding up and down in a "skinny" ellipse. I used the average setting in AudioTools on my iPhone 6 with internal mic (too lazy to grab my iMM-6 mic). The one that was averaged for 19 seconds at spl = 94.9 is the speaker with the smooshed tweeter as can be seen in comparative results with the other. RoyC, the woofer response does not seem too bad. I purchased the inductors but have not yet made the change. Thought I would measure first and compare. Would I expect woofer output to increase, decrease or the change is not about amplitude to flatten FR? Thanks in advance. Thank you very much, Glenn for letting me know about grills. All - Never had a fully functioning (less partial tweeter) ARs in house. Weeks now with them up and acting as mains in living room. Very understanding wife... Regards, dana
  6. Wonderful, wonderful help, RoyC. Greatly appreciated. Thank you. d
  7. Attached are photos of the interior in reply to ra.ra. RoyC - easier news with regard to crossover-component compatibility, etc if this was a factory conversion. ar_pro - Not to my taste as I love love love black walnut, oiled, but I can understand the allure. Those are also unfinished pine. I intend on repairing the framing and then sand. Then, go from there. d
  8. Apologies, ra.ra. Forgot to ask. The dimensions of the profile are wonderful. Since it is not rounded but just an angled cut will make this endeavor much easier. If I am interpreting this correctly, the lower "tongue" that has a width of 1 7/16 inches would be the flange that supports the grill. Therefore, the portion that I need to replace is actually the upper 11/16 of an inch. Am I interpreting this correctly? Again, many, many thanks. Dana
  9. Thank you for the guidance, ra.ra. What you describe is what I was thinking - 3a drivers in a 3 cab. Were the crossovers the same between the 3 and 3a such that this could be done without issue? I will get photos of the innards Thursday as I have obligations tomorrow and evening. Same with the 2 models - photos to come. I have not fully tested them at this point. Currently, the 3/3as are set up as mains in my living room in place of my Allisons. Very musical indeed.
  10. Oh, BTW, the AR-3a restoration guide is wonderful. Outstanding job, gentlemen.
  11. I came upon a pair of AR-3s, a single AR-2ax and a single AR-2a. Attached are photos of the unfinished pine cabinets of the AR-3s as identified via the label on the back of one of the pair, serial number 24257. The second does not have the model label. My question is regarding the drivers. It seems from what I can gather, that the 3 mainly had the Alnico woofer, but these have the later version installed. I had the skivers professionally replaced and the gentleman also inspected the spider, VC, and tested with o-scope. Same with the pair of cloth surround ten-inchers from the 2-models - resealed, and rebuilt one of the VCs. The mids look correct. The tweeters have three orange-ish "nodes" and I believe are the 3/4 inch model. From poking around on the interwebs, it seems to me that these should have the 1.25 inch tweeter which has four orange-ish "nodes." BTW, the AR-2 models that I have deploy the latter tweeter. Additionally, any input on the following would be helpful as well. The front "picture frame" bezel has been removed so that the front face is flush with the inner frame that would have supported or at least limited the grill's descent towards the drivers/baffle. I have mixed feelings about covering up the original, in this case, non-finish, but I have some rudimentary woodworking skills and would consider applying a walnut veneer with a solid walnut "picture frame" bezel to replace. Thoughts? And, in anticipation, does anyone know the depth of that bezel? I believe it is also rounded from what I could gather from photos. Thank you in advance. Dana
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