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  1. Thanks again I look forward to reading other comments and the other threads.
  2. Steve Thank you for the thorough information it confirms what I have thought which is that I while I love my old 930's, I will probably be happier when I can afford to add the 40's or maybe the 90's I figured that the tweeter match would be the center of my excuse to make a change. I do not make changes very often, as I know way to many people that upgrade only to find they went the wrong direction. Gerry I have to thank you for your work on such wonderful speakers, they have served me very well and continue to do so. They are currently matched to a Boston acoustics AVR7120 which is also a prized piece (I know it is really a Sherwood Newcastle, but the Boston has a nicer face and keeps the family name) Surrounds are a combination of CR towers ( I have to check to see which ones) and my old faithful HD5's. The current center is an MB Quart which can be harsh at times. source is currently Denon DVD-2910 but is also being updated with a used DVD-3800BDCI. Bass is backed up with an ancient Legacy Audio Foundation Subwoofer (2x12's in a ported enclosure) supported by an equally old Adcom GFA-555 series 1. Most of this is a collection of others getting the upgrade bug and not utilizing the excellent components they already had. the system primarily gets used for HT usage but I love my times when I can just sit and listen to some audio. I just discovered that my favorite artist (Al Di Meola) has released a new Blu ray disc in the past year and look forward to seeing what the combination of the new center and the lossless audio format will provide me.
  3. Hi Guys, nice sight! I was wondering from my fellow Boston fans, what you would consider for an update from my old T930's. I will be sticking Boston but I am adding a VR12 center to my hometheater and was considering updating my beloved 930s to maybe a VR40 or maybe some VR3's or VR-M90's if I can find a nice set. My thoughts are that the newer series will match the timbre better with the VR tweeter. What are your guys thoughts on this????? Would this be an upgrade or just substituting something newer and lesser in sound quality? My musical tastes lean mostly to classic rock and fusion jazz.
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