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  1. Thanks again, I hope you're right. They both sound good together so I guess im not out to much. I paid 100 buck for both of them. You never see bozaks around here so i jumped on them. Maybe one of these days i'll run into a real PAIR of b-302a's. thanks for everything.
  2. Thanks Carl, im sure that they are the james lansing drivers. Maybe it was a bozak and the man replaced the drivers with the JBL's. It sounds good but I dont know about them being 16 ohm's while the bozak is 8 ohms. My receiver is 8 ohms. Thanks again.
  3. No, there is nothing on the front, and i just removed the back to find a surprise. Not sure if its a bozak. It has Jim Lansing speakers inside. One model 130 a woofer, and one horn. A model N1200 crossover. They also say 16 ohm. I think that the bozak is 8 ohm. can i use thise together with a 8 ohm marantz receiver?
  4. Hello, thanks for your help. Ok, the one speaker I have must not be a b302-a. It must be a different model though. It has all of the padding inside, but I only see 2 speakers and the port at the bottom. I did read where some models have the bass port though. Maybe i need to take picture and post it. Any other comments would be welcome.
  5. hi, im new here and am hoping for some help. i just picked up a pair of speakers at an estate sale. one of them has bozak b302-a on the back. the other has nothing on it. it's shaped different from the other. it stands on legs, is square, and looks like other bozaks on the internet. but, when shining a flashlight into the front, i only see a woofer, a midrange or tweeter in the upper right hand corner, and a rectangular port at the very bottom. does anyone know if this sounds like a bozak and was there a speaker in the bottom that missing. they both sound great but i need to know what i have a
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