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  1. Dear Rectilinear Friends, I did it. I changed out the grills and the speakers look great. I had them in a temp controlled storage unit since Dec, 2015, due to a tree falling on and into our living room. The speakers survived. They sound awesome. And I went ahead and changed out the grills. My spouse says they look great and sound great. I'll try to post up a pic. Thanks to all for the encouragement. jl
  2. Glad to say cabinets are in good shape. Fabric on one of the speakers was pretty faded. I'll post up a photo of new look grills when I have them back. To match our living room fabric is a tan silk. Cheers, j
  3. Thanks to JKent and kirk57. I started this thread a few years ago, but never acted on the good advice. A tree crashed onto and into our living room last December, and the rebuilding is almost complete. With a new living room, I finally decided to "bite the bullet" and change out the fabric on the grills. I looked back to my printout of this thread. I cut the fabric along the bottom and side edges and was able to pull the grills off both of my speakers. I purchased new fabric today, and have the grills at a local framing shop for a professional recovering. New mounting will be with velcro. Gentlemen, thanks for the encouragement and the good advice. Cheers...
  4. yes, courage! I'll do it the instant I cant stand looking at the stains any longer, and I'll let all y'all know how it comes out. I agree, no other viable option. Cheers....
  5. Thanks Kent. Not sure my courage level wiil allow me to pull them off. Appreciate the good info. Using Resolve didn't help as the stains are pretty old.
  6. Greetings to all from a newbie to the forum. I've had my RIII's since 1971, and they are still great. I've never removed the grills, as they are attached by brads (I believe), and not by velcro. Can anyone share the best way to get the grills off. The fabric is stained, and I'd like to either have it cleaned or get it replaced. Thanks much. BTW, still using my old Dual 1219 turntable, and Pioneer 727 receiver too. Cheers to all...
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