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  1. Attached are scans from the AR 98Ls "Instructions for installation and use" booklet. If anyone is interested.
  2. That is correct, the + terminals are on the opposite side to each other!
  3. This page from the archive section may be of interest Classic Pages - Acoustic Research
  4. Hello Aleksandar You are correct the original surrounds would have been foam. You may get better results if the correct replacement foam surrounds are fitted. It also depends if these rubber surrounds are holding the voice coil in the correct static position. The yellow corrugated spider assembly, at the narrow end of the cone, should be level. Another thing you need to check is that these new surrounds have been fitted correctly, make sure that the drive unit voice coils are not rubbing and the surrounds are glued all the way around. It is vital that no air leaks past them, for the acoustic suspension to work and provide the correct load and response from the driver. Edit: Also make sure that both drive units are connected correctly - that the phase is the same.
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