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  1. Hello, effectively immediately I'm discontinuing sales of the Matsu tweeter. Thank you to all ClassicSpeakerpages members who have made past purchases.
  2. Please note as of May 2010 the Matsus will be offered only as a two pair minimum order. tnxs...
  3. Hi, I've decided not to offer this product anymore. Consider it discontinued.
  4. Pictures added. To clarify, this is the actual compound used by the loudspeaker driver manufacturing industry as sealant on cloth suspensions and diaphragms. I've even used a drop or two to tame the occasional overzealous flexlead. FEATURES: -Clear, tintable & thinnable for as much or as little as your application calls for. -Simply brushes on and remains permanently flexible and tacky. -Long open time. Does not run when cured. -Long shelf life. -Ideal for rebuilds or new designs. At the moment, the compound can only be shipped within Canada due to volatility. If that status changes, it w
  5. Available are new 20oz cans of Damping Compound used in the loudspeaker driver manufacturing industry as a suspension sealant (i.e. accordeon cloth) and for diaphragm resonance control. The compound is clear, tintable & thinnable for as much or as little as your application calls for. Simply brushes on and remains permanently flexible and tacky. Long shelf life. Ideal for rebuilds or new designs. At $80 per, that works out to only 4 bucks an ounce. Comes packaged in metal screw top containers. Get 'em while they last... Payment via Cash / M.O. Please note, these are currently for sale wi
  6. Hi, I noticed this post while taking a leisurely walk around the site. I invite posters to compare the units in my ad to picture #1 in this post, and picture #10 in the previous one. See any similarities? There were two versions of Matsus manufactured, one better than the other. Hopefully those Microstat arrays used the preferred model.
  7. Henrik from Sweden, who purchased two pair, said: Hello. I recieved the tweeters promptly and in a very good package. I am tuning them in and they sound very promising so far. Seems to be a superior replacement in Sonab OD11 and similar. Thanks /Henrik Hej. Jag fick diskanterna i utmärkt tid och bra paketerade. Spelar in dem och så här långt låter de mycket lovande. Verkar vara en utomordentlig ersättning för Sonab OD11 och liknande. Tack /Henrik
  8. Hi, I bought a pair of these recently myself for a lark. I like the cabinets, they're nice. Feel the cloth suspension on the woofer and tell me what it feels like.
  9. Ok, I had a pair of those once before too. The tweeters were cooked and the woofers also needed work. Come to think of it, so did the cabinets! The blowmolded baffle was cracked beyond any sane repair. Cool woofer baskets, wouldn't you say (even if they aren't that practical)? There's not much cone area for the size of basket that's for sure. I'm a fan of styrene cones. Considering the overall condition of my pair I ended up giving them away. If all yours require are standard woofer attention then why not go ahead for a fixup? In terms of rarity, I do see these from time to time and they don'
  10. Hello, I couldn't help but notice this thread while responding to a private message. I haven't mentioned this before on ClassicSpeaker pages but I supply technicians with damping compound, the real stuff used in actual driver manufacturing. I will be posting an ad in the "For Sale" section of this website within the new year for anyone who's interested.
  11. What are others saying about the Matsu tweeters? Below are a few testimonials (printed with permission) from two gentlemen who chose to update their SONAB (Swedish) loudspeakers which were originally outfitted with the Peerless MT-225 "Yes indeed those tweeters are very impressive and suit the reflective design of my Sonab OD-11’s. Occasionally I do tend to “wind up” the system and get it thumping and the tweeters handle the job excellently. Very crisp." -Simon Mason "I received the Matsu tweeters in perfect condition (beautifully packed) and delivery time was exceptional considering I live
  12. Hi, are these something you're looking to buy or do you already own a pair?
  13. An addendum to this, and all previous posts regarding final pricing for these tweeters. The introductory price has long since expired. The current price is based upon the many pairs sold worldwide via auction and non-auction methods. As a point of interest, the offered price is set 15% less than the average of auction sale prices. The Matsus will be permanently priced at $39/pr. As mentioned, volume discounts are available. Many thank you's for reading.
  14. Pairs are still available but please keep in mind the $30/pr was an introductory price. Volume pricing is available based upon 10+ pair purchased for those wishing to resurrect and improve their SONAB speakers etc (which use several tweeter pairs per cabinet). Along with the many speaker companies which used the original Peerless, FRIED and Fulton Music Industries also used them so the Matsus would be appropriate for them as well.
  15. I've stripped the boards down for their parts so those are no longer available.
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