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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, Good Folks of Classic Speaker Pages, I am in a bind with one of my AR-8s's and during my research into the problem, a couple of sources on the Internet have pointed back to this website quoting the formidable knowledge base regarding Acoustic Research products. So I hope you can help me! I bought a pair of AR-8s's off my uncle about a year ago, along with an old Cyrus amp as part of a long-term hi-fi project. I used the setup occasionally and it sounded fantastic but it largely went unused. Cut to last Saturday,where I was gifted a record player and decided to hook everything up. But lo and behold, my left speaker wasn't working! I'm getting absolutely nothing from a speaker that was working perfectly and I can't quite put my finger on what the problem is. 1. The negative terminal on the speaker is broken and will not hold the cable, but I am fairly certain that there is a good contact between the copper and the terminal contact (when the cable is wedged in there. Rough, I know). 2. I have removed the speaker terminal assembly and found all of the wiring to be in good order, including the capacitor behind it. The capacitor does show signs of being burnt out (pic to follow) but even that is so minor that it could just be a speck of glue or a mark left from a soldering iron. 3. It's conceivable that the amp output is faulty, thought I suspect I would have noticed a smell of burning electronics once I turned it on. I will post some photos when I get a chance. I am no stranger to a soldering iron so if it was just the cap, I'd be laughing. I would also like to fix the negative terminal but the terminal unit is covered in glue and looks to be a sealed unit, so I would rather hear someone's advice on what to do there before chipping away at the glue. At the end of the day, it can be replaced with hotglue but I would rather go in with some idea of what is going on! Does any of this sound familiar to anybody? Let me know if you need any more information!
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