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Steve F

AR's reason for being

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On 2/17/2018 at 8:23 AM, Steve F said:

As the owner of a company said on more than one occasion, "We're not here to save the world from bad sound!"

Any idea for a commercial product in virtually any field is brought into reality for the purpose of making a profit. The company's founder can--and should--treat people well along the way: their employees, their customers, etc. No reason not to. In fact, inexcusable not to. Villchur was undoubtedly better than 95% in this regard--AR employees were treated very well, he instituted unique service policies such as providing free replacement packaging to customers if needed and paying freight both ways for warranty returns, full testing and re-certification of repaired units, etc.

But this is all off-topic to my original post. My original post--if you re-read it--was that many audiophiles think that the owners of these various companies have as their primary concern the absolute, hobbyist-level obsession about the final sound quality as the audiophile customers themselves.

I'm simply saying no. That is a concern, but not their primary concern. Don't over-think and over-defend this. I've been there and seen it.

Steve F.

I agree Steve, the hobbyist part is left to the consumer.  I really think of B&O when talking about the consumer.  The stuff has always taken a different path to appeal on aesthetics as much as audio.

I love my 9's more than any other speaker I have owned and I have owned too many to count.  The 9 is big, boxy and has low waf (wife acceptance factor).  The sound it creates is something I have never tired of.  And we pour our hard-earned dollars for enjoyment.  All the other factors of business could be used for any business.  In my opinion, it was the innovation that AR contributed to field of audio reproduction that has not been equalled by any other company.

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