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EPI 100V with Cambridge Soundworks woofers?

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 I acquired a pair of EPI 100V w/ EPI Gold Ring Tweeters with these 8" Cambridge Soundworks Woofers. No apparent crossover mods have occurred.

Round magnet woofers are stamped Cambridge Soundworks and dated April 5, 1995. No part number or serial numbers.

I've always thought the 8" square magnet (EPI/Genesis/Epicure) were OK to interchange but my question is ...are these CS woofers suitable for this speaker and crossover to work as the speaker was designed?


any help is much appreciated.





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The crossover on these is extremely simple, a 10uF capacitor, who's only function is to limit the low frequencies to the tweeter. The woofer is supposed to run all out.

Without the specs of the cambridge woofer, no one can really tell you. Your best bet is to use a measurement mic to check the response as the speaker is now.

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On 2/10/2018 at 5:39 AM, tomknow said:

are these CS woofers suitable for this speaker and crossover to work as the speaker was designed?

Probably not. But maybe. When Henry Kloss was at CSW they made some nice acoustic suspension speakers. Maybe search for CSW Model Six speakers and see if that's the woofer you have. If so, maybe......

I wonder if Huw Powell at Human Speakers would offer free advice on that. Here are the woofers he sells for your speakers:


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I cannot get the images of your woofers.  If they look like the images I've attached the answer would probabley be no.  This speaker is from a Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble "Subwoofer", which had a low pass filter at about 130hz.  Unlikely it could reach to the 1800 hz the EPI woofer was designed for.  The woofer from the Model 6 might work but probably would not have the same roll off characteristics as the EPI woofer.  JKent's reference to Huw Powell is spot on.



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Hey guys, thanks for the info and responses. I did sell these to a local guy who wanted to experiment with different drivers he has collected and he was looking for that size cabinet...so I don't know but I doubt they would have suited well in the long run.


Thanks again


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