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Love it! A whole page of common sense.

I've read some of esp's articles before and one helped me design a headphone gadget for the KLH Model Eight radio but I never say this particular article. Thanks.

Lots of good articles are indexed here: http://sound.whsites.net/articles.htm


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Thanks Kent!  The snake-oil in this industry defies the imagination.  This does not even account for age.  As the majority of these so-call experts are the same age as me (40-50's), unless they have lived in a isolated soundless chamber all their lives, their hearing most likely does not extend past 14k!  Yet, as one example, we continue to build esoteric, insane designs that extend into the realms of canines at the top register and claim we can actually hear it.

However, this is what makes this industry so much fun!  Measurements and science only go so far.  The ultimate test is what each individual likes.  And let's be honest with ourselves, the tinkering is fun!

Best regards and happy listening.






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