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Cleaning/Changing AR-2ax pots


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Hello Ladies and Gents. First time poster, long time lurker here.

I have searched and search to find an answer to what is likely a stupid question to some of you.

I am needing to clean and/or replace the mid and treble pots. Am I missing something, or am I going to have to stick my hands in through the woofer hole and re-solder from the back?  Like I said, this may be a stupid question to some of you, but I am just wondering if there is a better way.


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Depends on how much slack you have in your wiring where the soldering can/will take place

I've never done a pair that had enough slack to pull it up to the baffle - just unsoldered and soldered in situ

But yeah, one way or the other you will be working through the woofer hole

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