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Restoring AR3 mids and tweeters


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I wish to restore my mids and tweeters - for now I am satisfied with - yes, it can be done but the instructions/howto’s arn’t ready yet... I am worried about that the knowledge if succesful is in danger of perishing if in to few minds. I do not mind sending mine off to be fixed if I could read about success stories from people actually done the refurbishment. I rather see as a part of this community an proper howto so that I might undertake it miself!


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The mids in the 3's are not easy to restore. The once flexable sealer around the base of the domes is pretty much petrified by now, extremely limiting the dome movement causing diminished output. You will need to remove the protective screen to access the domes. You can attempt to basically dig out and remove the hardened sealer, but you must be extremely careful to not damage the extremely thin VC wires. I tried to do this with a working mid and my attempt was unsuccessful. 

Roy C. rebuilds the mids. After my failure I did not want to risk the other mid and sent them to Roy. He was able to repair the mid I messed up as well as rebuild the 2nd mid. They now sound amazing and Roy told me their output is pretty much as close to new as possible.

The tweeters on the 3's usually hold up far better than the mids and mine have been fine. Some have domes that have lifted, and I was able to carefully glue them back to original position.

Good luck!


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Hi Turbon

Just to build on Glenn's comments:

Roy is the expert on rebuilding the mids. You could send him a PM and ask for advice but if you want it done right, send them to him.

The tweeters are another matter. Roy has worked on using Hi-Vi (Swan in Europe, I believe) tweeters with an added inductor and these work very well. But if you want the tweeters rebuilt, the only person doing this successfully (as far as I know) is CSP member Chris1This1. You could PM him but the Hi-Vi tweets will be much less expensive.


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