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Undertaking An AR-3A Update


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Here are the 3As I promised to post about. I am going to open these up and I hope to get them electronically restored and updated when I have some downtime before the new year. I bought the Solen PP 6uF caps and Bennic NPE 50uf and 150uF. I don't know how the pots are looking but they do cause static as I move them and intermittent sound when I play music through them. They need to find a sweet spot where the signal comes through so I know they need some attention. If they are badly corroded I did buy L-pads from PE to use as a backup. 

One thing that is obvious is that one of the mid-range drivers has been replaced and rewired in a funky way. I think it is a correct mid-range for a 3A (Image A.13 in the Restoring 3A pdf) but from a later year. I am not sure if the wiring of it like this is recommended. Or if people would recommend searching for a the exact match of the other speaker to be put in. I am curious to hear opinions. The woofers look in great shape. And they are low serials, 3085 and 3088. 

The cabinets are in pretty good shape except for some munched corners (ouch!) but I have some veneer I can work with. The grills are in great shape. One badge still has its protective plastic on it.

First the electronics and then on to the cosmetics.  
















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