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Ears may be the problem with your system


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The problem with your system may be your ears.  This is a link to a hearing test that is actually good for creating a hearing sensitivity profile.  You must use headphones and read the directions.  Equalizers may look pretty handy after this.


Do you think you have Golden Ears?  This link takes you to blind ABX audio tests that can confirm or destroy your illusion.


People naturally lose the ability to hear sounds of high frequency as they get older. The highest frequency that a normal middle-aged adult can hear is only 12-14 kilohertz while most music occurs well below 10K. Rate of natural hearing loss is greater in men than women.  Any middle-aged male audiophile who thinks the 16k natural roll off point of the 3a tweeter is a problem is not looking at the issue from the right perspective.    

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I know, sadly, that I have a chronic channel imbalance issue with my pair of ears

And unfortunately it has (mis)led me into selling off some equipment, speakers and amplification, that were probably perfectly fine (after going berserk with room placement etc etc)

That said, I cannot remember the last time I owned ANYTHING that voiced/presented the same left to right except an old pair of L100s, one phono amp and my turntables (carts)

For me, the right channel always has some sort of "issue"

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