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Removal of poorly chosen cloth surround sealant


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In August of last year in the AR forum I described using shoe goo for a sealant material. As was suggested, it was indeed not exactly the best goop for the purpose. While it did seem quite pliant when first applied, the stuff did stiffen as time passed. I had used it not only on a pair of AR-2ax but also on my KLH 6.

The surrounds had stiffened to the point that there wasn’t much response below 90 hz or so.

When looking at the shoe goo manufacturers website, they did list a number of solvents which would temporarily resoften the stuff.

One of them was listed as being gasoline.

I chose to use it since MEK was likely to dissolve the glue holding the cloth to the frame and the cone.

It did work, and quite well. Softened and scraped right off.

After allowing it to dry adequately, there was just enough remaining in the fabric to allow for sealing.

I was left with a pair of woofs that actually were now quite floppy again. Just to see whether they would stiffen up again from the little amount remaining in the cloth, I chose to exercise them for a while. I ran a couple watts into them at 7 hz in free air for about ten hours. They remained nice and floppy. 

I reinstalled them and they once again are properly working, with a resonant hump measured at about 43 hz. But that’s in the workroom with an sm-57 on axis at about two feet and so of questionable accuracy.

They sound like what I expected, so oil wells that end well.


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