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AR 9 Crossover Rebuild


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Several months ago I was fortunate enough to acquire a pair of AR 9 Speakers in excellent condition with the exception of surrounds.   These were a one owner speaker, came with the original boxes, original sales receipt and two sets of manuals and all the brochures.   I have had the surrounds professionally replaced and all speakers tested.   The cabinets are close to new showroom condition.  

So I have read a lot about the crossovers, both on this site and talked to many local audio pro's about wanting to replace the capacitors and the one resistor in the upper mid range circuit.  
It seems a lot of discussion about capacitor brands and types, changes in sound and so on.   Solen capacitors make things brighter, others debating electrolytic versus PMPC. So not a pro at audio and just like to indulge and enjoy. Although some background in electronics and a passion for audio, I need some help with this one.

My question is I don't have a problem with a bit brighter or more open, my goal though is to just replace capacitors and bring the AR 9 speakers and components back to factory specification, and if there is a added bonus using newer components that handle things better better that is great.

So I guess I am looking for some advice for capacitor replacements.
Upper & Lower Mids and Tweeter.

4 uF  PMPC   x 2     
6 uF  PMPC   x 2
8 uF  PMPC   x 2
24 uF  Electro   x 2
30 uF  Electro  x 2
40 uF Electro   x 2
80 Uf Electro   x 2

Thank in advance to anyone who can start to point me in the right direction or even a complete parts list, brands, values and were to purchase. I have heard I can spend a few bucks,  a few hundred or the skies the limit. 

I will post some pictures as soon as I figure if I can upload pictures here.









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