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AR-10Pi crossover schematic from AR original Drawing sheet

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 Here is the AR 10 Pi schematic coming from a copy of an AR original drawing sheet. Unfortunately the copy I have is not complete and a part of the AR drawing sheet is missing.
I couldn't find this schematic in the "AR Drawings" section, so I hope it can be added to the other files somewhere in the Library in order to allow everybody to see it. I think it's a rather rare document even if, unfortunately, not complete.
I have scanned it as TIFF format then I've converted it to JPEG to insert it directly into this post. To get a higher resolution, save the attached file in Tiff format.

Differently from LST, in the AR 10 Pi the auto-transformer and the 3 dB step switches permitted the listener to have more flexibility with a total of 27 different combinations of driver output level (that is 27 different frequency responses) without using any attenuation resistor. The auto-transformer enabled the user to control bass output by a 3 step switch as well. Differently from midrange and tweeter, the woofer switch (Woofer Environmental Control switch) is actually not a 3 position +/-3dB step switch but a 0dB (4Pi), -5dB (2Pi) and -8dB (Pi) switch.


PS: I had already posted this schematic in the Acoustic Research forum pages but I think that the most appropriate place is probably here.

AR10 Pi original schematic JPEG.jpg

AR10 Pi original schematic TIFF.tif

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