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Ar2ax redope.


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After the woofer is removed and the wires cut near the solder connections it is time to remove the fiberglass. I store the woofer screws back in their T nut sockets checking that they are secure. Get a 13 gallon draw string  kitchen bag and place the thin material sheet in the bottom. Use rubber gloves, long sleeves and maybe a painters mask and place material in the kitchen bag making a mental note on how you remove the fiberglass so you can replace it in the reverse when done inside. Some people cut the wires, but I desoldered  them using a hot iron and solder sucker. Make a detailed drawing of the connections first.  I don't know if it matters but I label each pot on the ceramic insulator with a M and a H. Everybody has a slightly different  method of cleaning and polishing or even replacing the potentiometers. Post some pictures when you get them apart and you will get some good advice.

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Hi Matthew,

Possibly I am misinterpreting this, so excuse me if this isn't the case. It seems as though you are saying you are going to redope the surrounds prior to internal work such as pots and caps etc....

My pointer would be to not redope the surrounds until the very end. The sealant once applied is like fly paper sticky and will attract and become "dirty" during the process.

The other pointer is as David said, take good pictures from multiple perspectives. The diagrams in the library are great, but I find pics help me see and understand the path of the circuits better as I am reinstalling everything.

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