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Model 5 Crossover from scratch?


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Hi !

I'm new to the forum but have been lurking for a week or so. I bought 1 Model 12 at a thrift shop without the contour box for $13. I was planning on converting this by building a Model 5 Crossover instead of buying a contour box. Then building a matching Model 12 box (w/ drivers) and adding another Model 5 crossover. I know it sounds ambitious. I saw a lot of the discussions about recapping the model 5 and viewed the schematics and photos, also the work J. Kent has done with crossover rebuilds. My question is where can I get the 12 terminal 3 position switches and the inductors? Also does anyone sell a pre-fabbed Model 5 crossover PCB?



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Welcome o CSP Jim!

1 hour ago, JimAsh said:

where can I get the 12 terminal 3 position switches

IMHO that's impossible. No telling what the internal connections are or how to wire them.  Inductors could be bought from Erse, PE etc. and unwound to the needed values. Pre-fabbed PCB? No way. 

Best bet is to watch ebay. The Model Twelve and Model Five xo's on there now are stupid expensive but a pair of Five xo's sold a month ago for $20. You could get lucky!


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