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Advent/1 recommended foam & caps

Brian D

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I need to refoam my newly acquired Advent/1 speakers.  What source for replacement foam is recommend?  Is it necessary to shim the woofer when replacing the foam?

Also, what caps do people recommend for the crossover.  My crossover has a 13uF capacitor.



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BTW, I use a different procedure to install surrounds to the New Advent (all-metal) woofer.

Instead of attaching the surround flange to the cone first, I attach it to the little ledge on the metal frame first and let it dry. Then, it's easy to apply a bead of glue around the inner flange of the surround while it is above the cone flange. After the bead is applied, push the cone all the way up and work the surround flange under the cone flange.

Then, work your way around the joint between the surround and cone and press them together - about three times. This will assure they are securely joined. The cone will pretty much center itself as it is already centered at the spider. I have never had a failure this way.


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