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Advent Baby Ii


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Just picked up some Advent Baby Ii from a private sale on Craigslist. Cheap price and in very good condition. They needed new foam for the woofers, which I fixed last weekend for about $20. Listening to them as they are powered by my Carver M1.5 AMP. They sound very good. 


I must say they sound excelelnt for Jazz and classical. For movies and soundtracks they meld well with the other advents I have. Currently they are in place of my Maestros which I sitting idle as I burn in Advent babys. 

New they went for $200 as I understand it. 

For my 80's Rock they are not as compelling or as dynamic as the other Advent (Jensen) era Speakers I have in service in my listening studio. But, they are still very nice for all other kinds of music.





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Here are the specs for the babies that I posted many years ago. Retail Cost=$270/pair

Baby II/Baby III
Model: A1075 III, A1058 Black II
Frequency Response=60Hz to 21kHz +/-3dB
Impedance=6to8 ohms
Recommended Amplifier Power=10-50 Watts
Sensitivity (2.83 volts @1 meter)=89dB
Crossover Frequency=4.5kHz
Resonance=79Hz +/-5Hz
Harmonic Distortion= <1.5% above 100Hz @ 1 Watt
Tweeter Dispersion (Variance 30° V or H to 13kHz)= <+/-1dB
Tweeter=1/2” polycarbonate ferrofluid filled hard dome
Woofer=6-1/2” high extrusion aluminum coil form
Cabinet Size (HxWxD)=16-1/2”x 11” x 6-3/16”
Weight=13 lbs./ea
Finish=Solid hackberry or black oak top and base, black textured vinyl over dense fiberboard

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I have a pair of Baby II's I recapped and refoamed about a month ago.  I like them well enough and they might end up in the bedroom rotation (if I ever feel like moving the Minimus 7's).

For their size, they're quite nice.  They DO seem like prime candidates for an upgraded tweeter with a tweaked crossover point to match.  They look great with the wooden top and bottom pieces, but I may decide to swap out for new grill cloth.

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12 minutes ago, Hwk said:

My philosphy is if they're not broke don't fix em.[they sound as good as the day I got em which was Christmas day of 85]

Aye, that's a good philosophy.  If they sound good to you, that's what matters.  I do suspect they sound different than when you got them.  The ones I pulled from my pair were both 15%+ out of spec.

Out of curiosity, what else do you have in your surround to go with them?

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32 minutes ago, Hwk said:

When it comes down to it I wouldn't know how to/be able to recap em anyhow.[those kind of things are beyond me]. 

But you should inspect the foam woofer surrounds. If they are sticky or crumbly they have to be replaced. If you are not willing to DIY there are resources for that.

Belated welcome.


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Here is some info about the baby II since I am using the baby II tweeter to rebuild some Avent Marbl (indoor/outdoor), those tweeters were toast. 

Baby II tweeter parameters:

* R(e)= 5.98 Ohms

* Z(max)= 98 Ohms
* Q(ms)= 0
* Q(es)= 0
* Q(ts)= 0
* V(as)= 0 liters     (0 cubic feet)
* L(e)= 0.2761 mH
* n(0)= 53 %
* SPL= 53 1W/1m
* M(ms)= 77 grams
* C(ms)= 0 mm/N
* BL= 77 
* K(r)= 2.543 
* X(r)= 0.08883 
* K(i)= 2.81e-05 
* X(i)= 1.012  

The woofer is around fs= 59-60 Hz with Q total of .4635


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44 minutes ago, Hwk said:

The thing is the grills have never been removed and I wouldn't know how to remove them even if I wanted to.

Sink your fingernails in underneath the left and right edges, along the obvious seam.  Pull.  :)

They are held on by four rubbery friction-standoffs that go inside matching slots in the speaker front.

At their age, you definitely want to inspect the foam surrounds.  They can weaken and crumble over time, and if they disintegrate to the point where they no longer support the cone, the voice coil can rub and damage itself.  The most likely scenario is that they are weak and perhaps cracked in spots, which isn't "failure" level, but these are sealed suspension speakers, and thus an air leak would weaken their performance, especially in the lower frequencies.

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