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I recently discovered a product that has noticeably enhanced my music listening pleasure. Particularly classical music.

I'm of the opinion this forum which is focused on classic New England loudspeakers is populated mostly with folks >=50 yrs of age. They are either a baby boomer (like me) or in the following generation. With the onset of middle age and beyond, our hearing is diminished for a whole host of reasons. 

During a listening session in my 'man cave' recently, I tried cupping my hands behind both ears. I had been doing that for some time with only my left ear which suffers from tinnitus and reduced hearing. Well, I was surprised to hear more clearly, the violins in a orchestral classical piece. Being the audio geek that I am, I then simply uncupped and cupped during the performance and it was like turning an equalizer on and off. Amazing.

So, I proceeded to start searching for a product that could accomplish the cupping and relieve my aching arms from the process. I came across a product call earglasses. They are a simple pair of clear plastic 'cups' you attach to the back of each ear. When I received my pair, I found with some testing, they accomplished the same audible result I discovered with ear cupping. They are very reasonably priced and worth a try for those of you who try hand cupping and want to take the next step. 

Again, being the audio geek that I am, I constructed a simple test stand from some scrap lumber and ran an acoustical test with and without a single earglass cup and was able to graphically characterize what the earglasses accomplish vs a control (i.e. no earglass). Below is the result of that test. You can clearly see the boost (as much as 12dB) over certain portions of the audio frequency. My results roughly verified the FR curved printed on the Earglassess box and shown on their website.

Yeah, I know, wearing these dumb looking things can be embarrassing but, IMHO, are worth it.





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