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Gibson GA-20 amp with Jensen Alnico 5 PM

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and now for something completely different....well not really.

A few months ago, a random person reached out to me asking questions about some items that her deceased family members had left behind. One of them is a set of AR 1s that are apparently being used as speaker stands currently. Yeah you read that right. She also has a "box" of tubes? She had become overwhelmed seeking info and at the heart of it all was her intention to

""save for posterity" his old stereo slides etc of the " central states threshermen's reunion" which my grandfather helped to start"

which is an excerpt from an early email. She was going to sell her booty to pay for/justify the cost of the digitizing of these old personal things.

Did I mention she resides about three miles from me which is incredibly random but sure convenient. This dialog was shelved for a few months through the Winter as her Mother was having health issues and various other Holiday distractions. Recently we renewed the dialog and she asked about an old tube amp that was her Uncle's and now lives in a closet, and has apparently for a very long time. I am fairly ignorant about these things but I was certainly intrigued and told her so. Today she stopped by the house and dropped it off. I gave her a "donation" to her digitizing fund and now I own a vintage guitar amp. I am afraid to plug it in! Besides, I have zero in the way of electric musical instruments. I do have some friends that actually have a Dead cover band and they could sure plug in!

After doing some initial research, apparently this is a desirable vintage piece. I have no expertise in this type of restoration but am game to learn. There is likely a forum for this but it occurs to me that there is likely some knowledgeable CSP members about this kind of stuff and might get some guidance here? If anyone near is game I could travel to them or whatever, I am in Amherst NH. No particular rush on this but seems pretty straight forward for work, besides there is only one to work on in this case.:lol:

Here are a couple pics




(sorry for the last one being upside down)

the original schematic was saved and might be helpful.




and the driver looks like a good one!




so, what do you think?




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