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What is the model of these Acoustic Research Active Partner Speakers?


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I have some passive rock partners with the 8 in. woofers. These are basically a reincarnation of the AR 18. I believe your active rock partners may have a 4 in woofer. I bet you they sound pretty good.  As far as they being 12 years old I know Teledyne sold AR to Jensen Electronics in 1989, so these have to be at least 28 years old. Jensen may have continued production, but they probably would not say Teledyne on them. Interesting that alphenos.net  does not list them in it's AR database.

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Welcome to CSP Jasondad!

Interesting. I had a pair of the Powered Partners, which are similar but not the same. There are several threads here addressing the Powered Partners.

Those Active Partners appear to be ported (?).

How much to pay? I dunno. They have built-in amps that are old. If they work and seem to be in good shape I wouldn't spend much. Check ebay "sold" listings for AR Rock Partners, Powered Partners, Active Partners. A pair of Active Partners with the original box, cables, transformers went for 50 bucks Dec 20.


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No specific model numbers, other than what's exactly printed on the labels:  "Active Partners".  AR was bad about that.  Some of their designs used model numbers, while others had names.  Plus, later in years, model numbers started being reused, due to the notoriety of specific classic models.

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