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AR7 and AR18 (not 18 S) measurements from old hi-fi magazines


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Hello everybody,

Here are some measurements carried out on AR 7 and AR 18 (not 18 S) by some old Italian audio magazines.

As regards AR 7, they were published on January 1976 in comparision to RCF BR 35's (an Italian loudspeaker) but I don't know if they were carried out before as there had already been a previous AR7 review in the same magazine on February 1973 but unfortunately I don't have it to compare measurements.

 AR 18 measurements were  pubilshed on December 1978.

Although both speakers had the same woofer part number (200001-1, "8 in universal woofer") on August 1977 AR price list, you can note that original AR7 and AR18 anecoic frequency responses are rather different (you can notice a difference of several dB in low frequency responses). Although this could in part depend on different techniques used to measure low bass frequencies throughout the years, most probably, I think that there was an evolution in AR 8" woofer performances over the years. 


AR7 and RCF BR-35.jpg






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