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AR 3A mid


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Being described as an AR factory OEM, I believe SS acquired them from AB tech services when they went out of business. I'd be skeptical of that driver because ABT did not have a good record of getting drivers made in the far east to 'original factory specs'. 

ABT was initally a true source for AR factory parts and service when AR first closed up shop. However, over time, I suspect they sold off all of the true AR parts and resorted to sourcing replacement drivers from Asia.  

If you really need a new mid, RoyC may be able to help you with a true original that he has repaired.

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4 hours ago, DavidDru said:

Maybe someone should buy one and test it.

Already have...It could be used as a last resort, but any of the other AR dome mids through the AR-9/58 era work much better.

A former employee of AB Tech took over the business, and is still selling some AR "replacement" items (wholesale only). None of them are as good as the originals, and some parts are not at all acceptable (ie the 12 inch woofer replacement). I believe most of the AR items are old stock.

Regarding the SImply Speakers listing, the mid has been "out of stock" for some time now.


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