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Wanted.....Heathkit speaker badges


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Hi Peeps....just a shot but if anyone has or knows anyone that might have the Heathkit speaker badge, I would be interested in buying the pair. Have a pair of Heathkit AS-103"s without them and would like to have to finish them off nice. Thanks! Pic shows it and don't if this same badge was on their other items but hope so.......

heathkit badge.jpg

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Joined these pages for learning, and to first try to locate another pair of these badges. The repros on eBay aren't the same as the original cast badges.  

I built my Heathkit AS1373's in 1978 and am refurbishing them, but lost the badges. Are some out there somewhere?

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Welcome sandman

I think patience is the key. Sooner or later they may show up on ebay. Those repros (they're not mine btw) aren't bad and they're inexpensive. No one but you will notice they're not authentic and you could use them until you find the genuine article. Just my 2 cents.


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I appreciate the reply and welcome. I'm impressed with the shared knowledge here, and I am enjoying looking into various threads.

I'm going to hold out and continue searching for the original cast badges. They had a weight and feel to them. The repros are printed on thin aluminum sheet and would bug me every time I looked at them! I just refoamed the woofers, am making new grills, and want them to look right as I've owned these for 42 years.

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